Leaman Junior High Receives a Fantastic Educational Grant

Leaman Junior High received almost $16,000 in grants! This means that some teachers who received grants will be able to provide more resources for their students and make their classroom experiences an even better one. For other teachers, this grant gives them the financial backing to implement any programs that can help students to succeed academically.

The Lamar Educational Awards Foundation’s mission is to “secure and distribute resources to the students, staff and campuses of the Lamar Consolidated Independent School District that will supplement, enhance and enrich the quality of education.” L.E.A.F. achieves this by holding annual fundraisers and other events that communities and parents can participate in. The distribution of the money that L.E.A.F. raises depends on the approval of the organization’s Board of Directors after receiving the Grant Committee’s recommendation.

For more information, please visit the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation’s website.

SOURCE: Lamar Educational Awards Foundation’s Facebook Page